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About That’s Mine

Where fantasy lives

Set in a small danish village, Herlufmagle, on the countryside you will find That’s Mine – right in the middle of beautiful danish nature. Our motto “Tales designed in Denmark” sums up our desire to bring traditional stories to live for children and their parents. We are inspired by the magic of childhood and our goal is to design products that motivate children to play longer and that makes parents’ lives easier. We pay tribute to parenthood and see everyday life as an adventure.

All our designs and ideas are inspired by the playful, exploring minds of children and how they are inspired by their surroundings, especially in nature. A lot of our products have their roots in the Scandinavian nature, which is why we both produce organically to respect the environment, but also why we want a lot of our products to be able to be taken outside by their owners.

In January 2013, Mette Neerup Mariager became a mom for the first time in her life. She wanted the child’s room to be as unique as her daughter was, and she searched for nice things with interesting details to decorate the room. Mette didn’t find what she was looking for, so she decided to create them herself. The first thing she made was a hook in the shape of a rabbit, and she was so happy with it that she shared a picture of it on her profile on Instagram. That same evening, she was bombarded with orders of the rabbit hook, and the overwhelming demand gave her courage to bring more ideas to reality. Mette’s daughter was the inspiration behind the first products, but she also gave Mette the idea for the name of the company, that ended up sticking. The daughter had a period, where she said “that mine” to everything, and it turned into That’s Mine as the name of the company.

That’s Mine became a reality in 2015, and even though the brand has grown immensely since the little rabbit hook and now offers a wide but precise selection of quality products for children and children’s rooms, the idea behind it is still the same.

”At That’s Mine, we focus on quality. All our products are designed in Denmark, and our goal is for the selection to appeal to both children and their parents. We focus on durability and multifunction, and we wish to motivate children to play longer”.

Best wishes

Mette Neerup Mariager
Founder and owner of That’s Mine