Marmar copenhagen

About MarMar Copenhagen
Sophisticated, classic luxury made to last
MarMar Copenhagen, established in 2008, is a Danish children's clothing brand for boys and girls, from newborn to 16 years. MarMar Copenhagen is sophisticated, classic luxury, with cool details and with the little twist that makes the clothes something very special. Always in the best qualities and with a focus on functionality and durability.

MarMar Copenhagen was founded and designed by Marlene Holmboe, mother of a son, twin girls and now also dog-mother.

MarMar Copenhagen designs two main collections per year, spring/summer and autumn/winter. Complemented by three smaller collections per year: High Summer, an outerwear collection and the festive CC collection.

"When I started MarMar Copenhagen, it was because I wanted to make clothes that made sense and that would be long-lasting, both in design, production and in use. It requires the highest standard in all aspects, focus on detail and that we make an effort. Produced primarily in Europe, without harmful substances or treatments – 70% of our current production is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certified and we are constantly working to increase that number. Just as our production is transported with care and consideration for the environment.

Also for mothers
We also offer smaller collections for women, in the same high quality and aesthetics that the children's collections are known and loved for. The collections are made up of our favorite products with a focus on good craftsmanship and classic design, which can last across seasons.
By MarMar Copenhagen is a tribute to femininity

Favorite clothes
Many of our basic products are also found in the NOOS collection. Favorites in fantastic quality and in classic colors that fit across seasons. NOOS is short for Never Out of Stock. This means that they do not follow a particular season, but are always available. NOOS makes it possible for the stores to order continuously, you can always find your favorite base and we produce what is needed and avoid overproduction.

"One of my goals for MarMar Copenhagen is to be parents' favorite basic brand and preferably the first thing children put on when they come into the world."

Marlene Holmboe

In our NOOS collection you will find, among other things, our classic Modal rib, a mix of cotton and TENCEL™ Modal: the best basic products for both babies and children. Since 2008, Modal has been the foundation of every collection, both in the 7 classic colors and in the colors of the season. Naturally OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certified.