About us

The story of HUTTEliHUT began in a home office with a sewing machine and a passion. 10 hats made it to a local children’s clothing store in Aarhus, Denmark and then quickly ended up on 10 pairs of small ears in the Danish winter cold.

From then, our office got busy. We sew 2.000 hats by ourselves one winter and realized we needed help. Today, HUTTEliHUT is produced mainly in Denmark, Poland and even in the Bolivian highlands. Hats have been joined by dresses, daywear, baby suits, jackets and more - all designed with inspiration from the Scandinavian nature, in douched colors and simple motives. Kids all over the world, from Scandinavia and Germany to USA and China - are now dressed in HUTTEliHUT.

Many things have changed since our journey took off in 2003. But most importantly things have not changed at all. We are still guided by quality and sustainability in everything we do. Our remarkable agents have stayed with us for many years. And even though our warehouse is much larger than the home office where it all began, we still aim to be very close to our customers.

Read more about our sustainable production and materials under the tab 'Sustainability'.