Fliink was founded in Denmark in 2022
With a vision of creating valuable long-lasting favorites for small people with big dreams.

Fliink design and produce valuable quality wear for children aged 0-6 years.

With a playful and yet timeless
scandinavian approach - we offer contemporary designs with a commercial appeal, mainly in natural fibers created with great attention to craftmanship and details. Our products are carefully made to last beyond the season.

All, with the intention of being more responsible and leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

Fliink believes in creating clothes that kids love to wear, and parents love to see them in. The brand uses only the finest materials to ensure that their clothes are soft, breathable, and durable.

Fliink is a brand that parents can trust to provide their children with high-quality, stylish, and comfortable clothing. With their commitment to sustainability, exceptional design, and attention to detail, Fliink is the perfect choice for parents who want the best for their children.